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Have you ever heard of the epic hero of Beowulf

Have you ever heard of the epic hero of Beowulf? Have you ever heard of a man with the strength of 10 men? Beowulf is a very well known “folk story.” There is no evidence of Beowulf being true. Beowulf was a strong, brave, glorified, honorable, courageous, and fearless man.
Beowulf and his Geats showed up on the island of Herot. He showed bravery to the people of Herot. He showed them by going and fighting Grendel and Grendel’s mom. He later even with old age fought a dragon that attacked his people. He even took control of Herot when the king made him the heir to the throne.
Beowulf was considered an epic hero that fought the monsters for glory. He fought them so that if he died he got the glory of taking them down.


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