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deconstruction midwifery removes the garb of cultural identity

deconstruction midwifery removes the garb of cultural identity. A good number of Nigerians are still bound by the chains of cultural and educational shock. It is even worse that some are not aware of the history and so do not necessarily discover the identity and personality problems which binds them down. This is why a huge number will always continue to be covered in the description of the class of ajo-mmadu. The necessity however of the process of de-construction comes to function to bring them to the consciousness of who they are with a view to making better of whom they are or are supposed to be and this change in culture will definitely bring transformation, development and stability of the society.
In all, we can comfortably say that de-construction midwifery in the Catholic schools, through a questioning of the individual worldview and discovery, begins a process of complete and total formation of the individual students so as to bring to channel them to the