1.Transport and phenomena deals with movement of several entities and these include mass, energy or momentum through a medium fluid.It describes the basic principles and laws of transport. Transport in a chemical or mechanical process can be classified into three types which are momentum transport, energy transport and mass transport .Momentum transport deals with the transport of momentum in fluids and energy transport deals with the transport of different forms of energy in a system.Mass transport deals with the transport of various chemical species themselves.
1b. Motivation why an applied chemistry student must learn transport and phenomena.
An applied chemistry student must learn transport and phenomena because transport phenomena is the study of all three bases of chemical engineering together as one. These three which are mass, energy and momentum.It can be applied in solving different problems encountered in industries.It can be applied in mass transfer in moving media and mass transfer with chemical reactions. It can also be applied on heat transition which include heat exchangers, cooling vanes and heat exchange with phase transitions (boiling and condensation).Transport and phenomena can be applied in nanofluid technology.In nanofluid reviewed techniques include nanofluids synthesis through liquid-phase chemical reactions in continuous-flow microfluidic microreactors, scaling-up by the volume averaging, and constructal design with the constructal theory. Applied chemistry students deal with the application of chemistry in real life situations therefore transport and phenomena is important.An applied chemistry student might want to move chemical solution from one place to another so transport and phenomena can be applied to allow heat exchange.For example an applied chemistry student can use transport and phenomena principles in turning gases like oxygen into liquid .Heat transfer occurs during this process and also the phase changes.An applied chemistry can use transport and phenomena in fluid mechanics.Movement of fluids from one place to another occurs in fluid mechanics .Extraction of organic samples from plants and trees is also transport and phenomena .All this is motivation why an applied chemisty student must learn transport and phenomena.

2a. Plagiarism is stealing and publication of another person`s thoughts, ideas, or expressions and the representation of them as one’s original work. Coping one`s work and using their words without attribution. Plagiarism can be in form of taking one`s work or words and lying that you own the ideas or presentation. For example when a student copies another one assignment .
b.Reason that lead to plagiarism
-disinterest in the assignment
-desire to get good grades
-poor time management
c.Ways of avoid plagiarism
-Referencing-including reference text of work cited at the of the assignment.Include author(s) publication date , title and source.
-Paraphrase-read and put information in your own words. Avoiding to copy verbatim more than two words in a row from the text.
-Cite –follow the document formatting guidelines used by the institution that issued the assignment. This entails the addition of the author(s) and date of the publication.

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